Dear Stay-At-Home Momma

July 10, 2018

Dear Stay-at-Home Momma,


People are constantly scrutinizing us and asking what we do all day with so much ‘free’ time, as if all we do is sit lazily on the couch sipping tea while our children play contentedly at our feet. They look down their noses at us as if raising our children and keeping a home somewhat together isn’t enough, as if our worth comes from the amount of dollars we bring in.


Please, for all of our sakes, dust off their judgement.


Do not be discouraged or dismayed. Yes, being a SAHM may not be the hardest job around in a certain sense, but it surely isn’t an easy job. We all know that. It’s emotionally taxing and time consuming. It’s messy, and it’s definitely the furthest thing from boring and/or relaxing!


Let us keep in mind when we hear their criticisms that staying home with our children is actually a sacred pursuit. And not everyone will understand this, and that’s okay.


Momma, not only do we have the responsibility of running a household and always having snacks at the ready, but we are responsible for keeping these little bodies alive spiritually, mentally and emotionally as well. And that’s a huge undertaking! Our job, our commitment, is in raising these little people to be strong and fierce, gentle and compassionate and loving grownups. Whether this brings any money in or not, that’s worthy enough in my opinion.


And dear fellow Momma, do not forget that ours is one of the greatest ministry opportunities. We essentially live uncontained. We can invite others in at any point, into our homes, into our lives, and reveal Christ over our dining room tables, or down the grocery store aisle, or while sitting on the park bench as our children chase each other back and forth.


Most of, do not forget that we need to have grace for those who look down upon us and the path that we have chosen, and that we need to salute and encourage those of us who choose to work as well as raise our children. Because that is a hard endeavour for sure!


So, beautiful one, here is a cheer for you! Keep doing what you’re doing, and do it with poise and grace with the knowledge that you are valued and loved and that this work of yours is truly impacting the world in which we live.


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